Top Ways to Build A Stronger Core

A thorough fitness workout should include exercise that also targets the core muscles of the body. Although, this area of the body may sometimes be neglected in an exercise routine, it’s actually quite important in maintaining a stronger body.

What are some of the benefits of core exercises for the body?

• Improve Balance

Core exercises will help to strengthen the abdomen, pelvis area, lower back, and hips, thereby, enabling more stability for better balance.

• Stronger Abdominal Muscles

If you want to capture the envied look of toned abs, core exercises are one of the best ways to do this. These exercises strengthen the underlying muscles in the abdominal region, and along with other aerobic exercise to burn fat and calories, you’re definitely on your way to obtaining better looking abs.

• Help Avoid Back Pain

When your core muscles are weak, you are more susceptible to injuries such as sore back muscles, or pulled ligaments from everyday physical movements such as stretching, bending, or jerking. A stronger core gives your back the ability to better handle heavier weight, and allows the spine to move easier, thereby helping to avoid injury.

• Ability to Breathe Easier

By strengthening the core muscles, including the transverse abdominal muscle, which helps with respiration and breathing, you can boost your ability to breathe better with inhaling and exhaling. This of course, will give you an all around better workout with the increase of oxygen your body needs to perform its best.

• Increase in Flexibility

Core exercises can improve your flexibility by stabilizing the lower back. The muscles and tendons can move much better when there is less stress and tension on the lower back.

Some Good Core Exercises

• Push-ups 

Place your hands on the floor and extend your legs straight out, lifting your torso slowly up and down off the floor. Keep your back straight when doing a push-up to strengthen the core muscle.

• Plank Exercise

A version of the push-up, except instead of using your hands to rest your body on the floor, you rest on your forearms.

• Side Plank

You’re going to only use one forearm on the ground, and then balance with the side of your foot.

• Exercise Ball

Lie back on the ball, with knees bent. Move your body out so that your head, neck, and shoulders are then supported on the ball. Lower your hips down without rolling the ball, and squeeze the glutes allowing your body to form a straight line across. Repeat for 12 or more reps.

You can also change positions with your abs and hips lying over the ball. Then place your hands on the floor and extend your legs straight out from behind you. Raise one arm out to the side and hold that position without letting the ball roll. Repeat, with the other arm, and follow the procedure for about 12 or more reps. 

Another ball exercise is to lie on your back and extend the heels of your feet on top of the ball. Slowly lift your hips off the floor, keeping your abs tight and form a straight line, squeezing the glutes, as well, and hold for a few seconds. This exercise can be repeated for 12 reps or more.

Core exercises, along with aerobic and weight training, can help you attain a total workout, as well as provide benefits for a stronger and fit body.


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