Virtual Reality Fitness Trends

It appears virtual reality, and fitness, are pairing together to launch exercise into an exciting realm. If you like to find new, and innovative ways, to change-up your exercise routine, the trend to combine virtual reality, and fitness, may be just what you’re looking for.

Here are Some of the Top Virtual Reality Fitness Trends.

• Immersive Fitness

The same exercise routines can get mundane, leaving you less enthusiastic to workout. On the other hand, immersive fitness, may be just the change you need. Spinning class, for example, can take on a whole new perspective when you add giant images projected on 3D screens in front of you while cycling. Imagine yourself speeding down a beautiful countryside in Europe, or cycling to go up the mountain of a hilly terrain, all the while in the comfort of an air-conditioned gym. This setting can create an exciting illusion that can energize your workout for better results.

• Goji Play

To revive a sometimes monotonous cardio routine, using Goji Play, a person using the stationary bike, elliptical, or stepper, downloads an app that has numerous games the user can download and play while using their gym equipment. Goji play uses two straps that have buttons on them that you simply wrap around the handles of the fitness equipment mentioned above.

• Virtual Reality Boxing

In a virtual ring, this VR game lets you workout simulating a boxing match where you’ll punch, duck, and react, while you work up a sweat. You will need touch controllers to play the game. The Box Method in the UK, was started as the world’s first virtual boxing experience, and the Thrill of the Fight is another VR boxing game.

• Headsets for Virtual Reality Fitness

You can transform your workout into a virtual reality experience with using the HTC Vive, and the Oculus rift headsets that combine with apps on the computer to liven up your workout. The fitness workout can come alive for example, imagining you are a star runner in a track in Rio, or even running track on a futuristic space voyage! The possibilities are endless as more games arrive on the market.

• Multi-Sensory Yoga

If you want to take your yoga workout to new heights, multi-sensory yoga may be the right choice for you. For example, at the WOOM center on the Bowery, individuals will put on sleeping masks for sound meditation. After removing their masks, while they are practicing yoga, they can watch an audio-reactive visual installation on the walls. Next during the savasana pose, they are blindfolded again and listen to a series of tuning forks, ending the session with a lavender spritz.

• VirZoom Exercise Bike

If you’re not concerned about the cost, the exercise bike by VirZoom maybe a virtual reality fitness trend you’ll want to consider. This spinning bike uses the button-infused handlebars as joysticks, and is accessible to software and games to complete the experience. In addition, you will need a computer, a VR headset, and Goji Play.


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